Schmuckatelli Co, , One Eyed Jack Skull Bead

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Ideal for attachment to a lanyard.
Artikelnummer : ACC-OJAC

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Brand: Schmuckatelli Co, Sculpted antique copper construction. 3/4" x 3/8" x 3/8". 3/16" lanyard hole. May be attached to lanyard as an accessory for your knife. Note: Measurements are approximate. The story behind the One Eyed Jack Skull Jack leaped from the quarterdeck of the Pirate Ship Virago onto the deck of the Spanish Galleon Isabella howling for blood, but the Spaniards were ready for him and his men. A frenzied dance choreographed one hundred times before became a confused whirl of blood and steel clanging against steel amid a chorus of men screaming, cursing and fighting. They fought long and hard that day, slipping and sliding on the bloodied decks. It mattered not if they were Spanish Merchants or English pirates. Blades slashed at their throats.
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