Jaktkit, Knife Knv2 Gen II

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Best in test! Knives ready for challenges
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The knives' unique combination of heavy-duty construction and nimble performance have made them relied upon by many military personnel during difficult missions aboard. Every aspect of Gen II Knv2 knives are crafted to give the best performance in the most challenging conditions Knife Knv2 - Knives ready for challenges: Hand made V-edge with up to 32% better sharpness than conventional 20 + 20 knife grind, so you have that extra bite when you need it Gen II Knv knives are made from specially selected solid 99Cr18MoV steel. This gives the knives the extra strength for the toughest challenges Knv2 knives comes with Kydex sheaths heat molded after the knife for perfect fit. The sheaths are silent, self-locking and meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety. MOLLE and tek-lok compatible. Flexi-fit system enables the knife to be worn in any position Gen II Knv knives have both updated blade geometry and handles, improvements derived from longterm testing in arctic and desert conditions. A reliable knife must perform its tasks even in the most difficult situations. For this reason we are very proud that Piketen - A Special Operations unit of Swedish police - have knife Knv2 for test. Knife Knv2 has received the highest test score awarded a Swedish knife by reputable Bushcraft.nl, in strong competition with the fine knives from Fällkniven (A1, F1, S1) and Morakniven (Pathfinder & Tactical SRT) Please note: de sheath is a bit changed since june 2017: no longer Philips Screws.
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