Fällkniven, U4 Bear Claw

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Artikelnummer : FAKU4

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At first glance, the Mod. U4 is a seemingly modest penknife. No one would give it a second look when you pulled it from your pocket to peel the apple, open that letter, or cut a string. But looking closer one notices that the blade consists of high-grade powder steel with an edge that stays sharp for a very long time. Holding the knife in your hand you would also notice the lightweight (22 grams) design. The blade locks for added safety and the symmetrical design allows for use by both right and left handers. The Mod. U4 is an excellent knife for carrying in your pocket, giving you a strong tool in a small package. Someone described the knife as resembling a wolf’s tooth and there just may be something to that. You might say the Mod U4 is “A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing”.
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Schrijf uw eigen reviewFällkniven, U4 Bear Claw
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