Fällkniven, TK3 Tre Kronor Folding – Jigged Bone, incl. Black Cordura Pouch,

€ 307,00
A beautiful enduring design ETA: Q3 - 2023
Artikelnummer : FAKTK3JB


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Tre Kronor #3 The beautiful enduring design is the result of a long refinement process focusing on the functional concept of the folding knife. TK3 is a secure, solid folding knife, whose blade, in ELMAX steel, the new version ETA: Q3 - 2023 represents the best on the market today. The blade locks in its open position with a well-proven locking mechanism. Every folding knife is manufactured by hand, which should and does mean small variations. Many different versions of this model are planned for the future: see our web site for more information. Jigged bone is a classic handle material, picked from freewalking Highland cattles. It's both strong and beautiful.
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