Fällkniven, SK6 Krut, incl. Leather Sheath

€ 549,00
Artikelnummer : FAKSK6

Binnen 5 tot 10 dagen verstuurd.

What distinguishes a Swedish knife? Perhaps the apparently simple design or maybe providing a good and safe function, all without frills. The classic clean lines discern a philosophy that honours the skill and experience of the mind, where the tool is allowed to play its part but to outshine the one that holds the handle - the perfect combination. So it is with Jarl and Juni, our new Sheath knives. Handles of rich curly birch, solid nickel silver fittings and sharp blades of laminate powder steel. The world's best, in our opinion. Open, low hanging black Leather Sheath, for easy access.
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Schrijf uw eigen reviewFällkniven, SK6 Krut, incl. Leather Sheath
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