Fällkniven, P3G Carbon Fibre

€ 309,00
Artikelnummer : FAKP3GCFC

Binnen 5 tot 10 dagen verstuurd.

a blade in laminate powder steel, our famous 3G stainless steel. The P folder is easy to clean since the back of the handle is open, something that makes it very suitable for hunting purposes. All models come with a black Cordura Sheath, which attaches to the belt. In general, a folding knife can never be as strong as a Sheath knife, and since it is the result of several hundred different work operations, it must of course be more expensive to manufacture. On the other hand it is in a handy format and acceptable in many situations, and finally - it is a really fun edged tool that primarily boys, down the ages - and of all ages! - have loved to play with.
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Schrijf uw eigen reviewFällkniven, P3G Carbon Fibre
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