Fällkniven, NL5 (Idun) Damascus

€ 1.850,00
Artikelnummer : FAKNL5CX


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the most exclusive blades ever made. The edge comprises a powder steel with the following extreme content: C 3%, Cr 20%, Mo 1%, V 0.3% and iron to 100%. Its hardness is no less than 64 HRC! The sides consist of stainless, 120-layer Damascus steel, and with the edge of powdered steel, we have formed a blade which in its beauty and strength is world class, no less. The fittings are of solid nickel silver, while the rest of the handle is in stacked Leather and fiber washers. The knife is manufactured in strictly limited numbers, but we hope it will be available for at least a few more years. The knife is an excellent utility to all, but in all probability in most customers will acquire it for its exclusive collectability. Whichever, demand will probably outstrip supply.
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Schrijf uw eigen reviewFällkniven, NL5 (Idun) Damascus
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