Fällkniven, K2 White Whale Santoku 7'

€ 172,00
We regard the K1 and K2 knives as the most advanced chef´s knives in the world
Artikelnummer : FAKK2

Binnen 5 tot 10 dagen verstuurd.

We have paid extra attention to the shape of the handle - the grip must fill the hand without being clumsy while offering a shape that you ensures a safety when working with the knife. We achieve this by making the handle of tacky Thermorun rubber - the better the grip is, the less fatiguing for your hands. On top of that, the handle is easy to keep clean as it has no grooves or dents. The hygienic aspect is an important detail for those who work with food in restaurants and eateries - not the least for their guests. The tang runs through the handle at almost full width, which gives both stability and rigidity for the knife. We regard the K1 and K2 knives as the most advanced chef´s knives in the world and we invite you to treat yourself to this everyday luxury. However, please note that none of these knives are adapted for cutting frozen food, nor chopping bones, this will inevitably result in a broken or bent edge. For such heavy tasks we advise you to use a saw or a cleaver. And finally, the best working base is a cutting board made of wood - they are also more hygienic than plastic. K2 White Whale. The santoku designed K2 is without doubt the best knife for vegetables. Thin cut, fresh vegetables are wholesome, they look neat and taste terrific finely shredded. Only the perfectly designed Santoku will do that!
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Schrijf uw eigen reviewFällkniven, K2 White Whale Santoku 7'
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