Extrema Ratio, DICOK, Diving knife

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a versatile tool and essential piece of a diver’s equipment
Artikelnummer : ER-0318-BLK

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Scuba diving knife designed with help from experts in the field and sized for underwater use: a versatile tool and essential piece of a diver’s equipment, The stainless steel blade is very tolerant of flexing, retains a sharp edge despite wear, and a chemical burnishing process makes it highly resistant to corrosion, Clipped tip allows to use it as a prying lever, while blade serrations prove useful in cutting nets, rope and fabric, Nylon fabric and polyester ribbon combine with an antislip rubber membrane to form the soft section of the sheath, while the hard section is made of KYDEX, Sheath is designed to allow for multiple mounting options, to equipment or user: it can be attached to the VIS, ankle-fastened, arm-fastened, or attached to the weights belt through the Extrema Ratio BELT-CLIP system (not included), The nylon handle is loaded with glass fibers and features an antislip surface finish, granting perfect ergonomic grip both with and without gloves: This enables both finesse and strength work, The sheath features an anti-panic release system enabling quick extraction by simple pulling, no operation of the safety buckle needed, Additionally, the DICOK knife includes a first-stage valve unlocking tool,
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