Extrema Ratio, BF2 V

€ 230,00
Painstakingly designed for nautical and naval use,
Artikelnummer : ER-0147-SW

Binnen 10 tot 15 dagen verstuurd.

Painstakingly designed for nautical and naval use, The blade has a flat grind for wider support in symmetrical cutting jobs, The tip is thick and durable, its tanto design allowing for greater penetration capability and cleaner, more precise cutting, The stone wash finishing suits a nautical environment, The anodized aluminum handle has the “tactical” design seen in other BF models, A pattern of concentric circles achieves enhanced grip, saves weight and enables rinsing the handle from salt and organic materials, A slot in the central part of the handle serves as a key for small-sized shackles, Features a reversible clip, adjustable blade opening/closing screw, and a lock-into-position 2,75 inches marlin spike with lanyard fitter, The launch of model BF2 V took place on training ship Amerigo Vespucci,
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