Extrema Ratio, BF1-CT-Black

€ 161,00
BF1 is a folding knife for everyday use
Artikelnummer : ER-0144BLK

Binnen 5 tot 10 dagen verstuurd.

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BF1 is a folding knife for everyday use: simple, essential and functional, The blade is burnished, with a flat grind and a thick, durable tip, Characteristical lowered flat areas in the handle – also burnished black give access to the opening “pins”, which don’t protrude from the knife when closed, The reversible clip is located on the back of the blade and engulfs its tang – making it discreet to carry, Employs the trustworthy LINER-LOCK blade blocking system, Available versions: BF1 CT BLACK, BF1 CT BLACK RUVIDO, BF1 CT DESERT WARFARE, BF1 CD BLACK, BF1 CD BLACK RUVIDO, BF1 CD DESERT WARFARE,
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