Böker, Turbine Forty-Two

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Turbine Forty-Two
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CRONIDUR 30 STEEL. Cronidur 30 is the latest of the premium steels coming out of the space shuttle program, and Boker is the first to have it available to the sporting knives industry. Cronidur 30 was developed for use in the aircraft and aerospace applications, where component durability, reliability and long life are a must. Cronidur 30 is superior in corrosion resistance to 440C stainless steel. Large carbides evident in other high grade steels do not exist in Cronidur 30. Instead, there is a homogenous structure of finely dispersed carbon nitrides. With a Rockwell hardness of 58 and the blade composition needed, these blades will sharpen and hold an edge unlike any other steel currently available. This premium steel is now available in our TURBINE model, two new Titan patterns, and for the ultimate hunting knife, in our classic Lockback pattern. The two-hand opening version of our successsful TURBINE model. The 4mm thick blade, made of the new Cronidur 30 premium stainless steel, locks open with a 1.5mm liner lock that is rock solid. The precise CNC machined AlMgSi1 handle has finger grooves for a comfortable and secure grip. The pocket clip allows tip-up or tip-down carry for added convenience.
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