Böker, Titan Hunter Wood

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Titan Hunter Wood
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The difficulty in hunting big game will always be there, and a successful hunt brings about a feeling of "mission accomplished!" But anyone who has been there realizes that this is when the real work begins. So why use a knife that is awkward, dull, and dangerous? Not only is this new design a classic hunter that just "feels good" in your hand, the latest in blade steel will perform like no other. Cronidur 30 is the latest in premium steel, resulting from high demand. This steel is exclusively available for the sporting knife market to Boker, in Solingen, Germany, and is a high nitrogen stainless steel with a RHC of 58-60. Favorable flexibility and corrosion resistance that surpass even 440C stainless steel. Because of the fine grain structure, re-sharpening is not the chore of other hard steels. Also features a titanium liner lock and bolsters for weight reduction and durability.
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