Böker Plus, Subcom Titan Vg-10

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Subcom Titan Vg-10
Artikelnummer : 01BO605

Binnen 5 tot 10 dagen verstuurd.

The Subcom Folder by Chad Los Banos was one of the cornerstones of the Böker-Plus series, and has developed into one the most popular knives ever. We want to thank Chad and also the many loyal fans of this exceptional knife concept with a particularly refined version, one that has already been frequently requested in the past. We are presenting the Subcom as a true titanium framelock. The grip is precision-machined on a CNC mill from high-grade titanium while maintaining the original dimensions. The original design of the grip scale is also milled into the scales, and is a rendering of the original model. The titanium handles have bead-blasted edges and milled features, whereas the surface is equipped with a fine lengthwise satin finish, which makes for a particularly refined presentation in combination with the titanium clip. In addition, starting immediately, VG-10 is used as the blade steel. A true Böker Plus classic in a modern outfit.
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