Böker Plus, Kwaiken Flipper Damast

€ 399,00
Kwaiken Flipper Damast
Artikelnummer : 01BO297DAM

Binnen 5 tot 10 dagen verstuurd.

With its inimitably minimalistic design, the Kwaiken folder is probably one of the most popular knives in the Böker Plus series. As a true novelty for Böker Plus, we are for first time presenting the blade made from the Swedish powdered-metal damascus steel, which has been among the most desirable damascus brands for many years. Not only its breath-taking visual appeal, but also its very good edge-holding and stainless properties not only make damascus steel blades into true collectibles, but also into fully capable utility knives for daily carry. The titanium scales of the Kwaiken Flipper with their cool appeal provide an attractive contrast to the refined damascus. 
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