Böker Plus, Exskelibur 1 VG-10

€ 125,95
Exskelibur 1 VG-10
Artikelnummer : 01BO032

Binnen 5 tot 10 dagen verstuurd.

The new version of the Exskelibur, based on the design by Fred Burger and Mike Skellern, comes equipped with a cobalt-alloyed VG-10 premium steel blade. This surpasses the already high-quality 440C with respect to edge-holding and is a genuine upgrade. In order to set the new version apart visually, the VG-10 version features bronze-colored anodized titanium components (clip and liner), giving the Exskelibur a new, elegant appearance. The easiest way to open this knife with your thumb. (thumbflipper)
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