Böker, Boy Scout Stag

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Boy Scout Stag
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Today, nobody could say whether 30 years ago, anyone could have predicted that the Böker Scout would spend more than three decades as one of the most successful and most popular from our product range. But these 30 years are definitely noteworthy in times of flash-in-the-pan fashion statements that are not uncommon in the knife market. While no other model has had as many versions as the Scout over its 30 years, the basic specifications never changed. The new Boy Scout model breaks with this tradition and - while not changing the design - provides a smaller, pocket-friendlier version that plays to its strength primarily as compact everyday companion. At a blade length of 5.7 cm, the Boy Scout also has a significantly lower profile, yet is just as rugged and durable as its big brother. We used N690 as the blade steel, which we have successfully employed in recent years on a wide range of our knives. The silver-nickel scales are CNC-machined for greater precision. 
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