Böker, A-F 4.5 (Four-Five)

€ 279,00
Lanyard hole, Double edge, Serialized
Artikelnummer : 120644

Binnen 5 tot 10 dagen verstuurd.

From the very beginning, it has been a natural to complement the classic Applegate-Fairbairn with a smaller version. It was therefore high time to finally also get this project going for the very successfully updated, modernized version 5.5 from Bill Harsey. The 4.5 has a four-and-a-half inch blade length with every virtue of its big brother, yet is more compact, with better handling and improved carrying comfort. The proportions were carefully adapted to the new scale to maintain the undisputed strengths of this concept without compromises. The 440-C blade and the parrying element feature a durable stonewash finish. Sand-blasted canvas mircata handle scales Shipped with premium cordura sheath
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Schrijf uw eigen reviewBöker, A-F 4.5 (Four-Five)
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