Beads, Damascus Concave Barrel Bead

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Ideal for attachment to a lanyard.
Artikelnummer : ACC-DA04

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Tallen Steel Bead Concave Barrel The Grindworx damascus steel beads are a great way to accessorize your knife (especially your damascus steel ones) while also adding function. Having a lanyard is an easy way to extract the knife from a pocket or bag and can also be hooked around the pinky or index finder for added security. Manufacturers Note: Each one of these fine pieces is made by hand and may have unique irregularities or "character". Clean and maintain with REM oil or WD-40 to inhibit rust. Breedte 10 mm x 13 mm x gatdiam. 6.4 mm Witdh : 0.40" x Hight : 0.50 1.3 x Hole Size: 0.25 mm Weight: 0.2 oz. Ideal for attachment to a lanyard.
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