Grinding service

To give you even better service, we have expanded our services by working with the DUTCH GRINDING SERVICE. We accept almost EVERYTHING must be cut! From table knife to garden tools For businesses and individuals. Messengers and scissors sharpening the Dutch Slijpservice 1795, generation after generation, the grinding technique refined. Thus, over time, developed an abrasive technique which is applied by no other. All grinding tools are sharpened on fixed grinders and conditioned to guarantee the best quality.

When the quality of your knife better techniques and materials used by the Dutch Slijpservice. Your knife will cut as it should and guaranteed sharper than you ever expect. You can have your knives, scissors or tools at our shop on the Proveniersstraat 46b 3033 CL Rotterdam (4500 meters back from CS) issue; you can pick us again later than 7 working days. We strive for Thursday delivered to us; on Monday takeaway ready).

You can, however, send it directly to the Dutch Slijpservice: go to hollandseslijpservice and enter your data:

For more information please call 010-4676900 or 06-11390836 or email and of course you will also find more info on the site of the dutch sharpening service.

The (indication) prices for grinding:

Pocket knives
(even convex)
From € Per 1.25 cm, with a minimum of 10 cm
Cooks knives From € 12:57 per cm, with a minimum of 10 cm
Table knives
with cartel
Up to 70 pieces: € 3.75 per unit with a minimum of 6 pieces
Scissors From € 10:50 = scissors to 16 cm, length
Barber scissors From € 32.50 per pcs. (excl serrated €. 2:20 per blade cut)
Other products On request




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