Blades & the law

You may go there is generally assumed that if you buy a knife in a store, you actually may have in the Netherlands. That does not mean that you are so it can walk down the street! For the exact law refer to the law Arms and Ammunition Below is a brief summary, which no rights may be granted; this service only as a guide.

Knife according to the law:

Ballistic knife

A knife with a blade, or together with the handle, by means of air, gas or spring pressure is driven straight from a guide cylinder.

Stiletto / Automatic knife

A folding knife with a blade by a pressure, or similar release mechanism is moved from the lateral hinged handle.


A knife with a blade by a printing or similar release mechanism, or by a swinging movement in upright position is brought out of the handle.

skinning knife

A non-foldable blade of which the handle is very short, at right angles to the blade condition, and which is intended to be held by the hand when used in the palm, while the blade between the fingers by protrudes to the outside.


A knife of which the handle in the longitudinal direction is divided in half and of which the blade is brought to the outside through each of the parts of the handle to be folded in the opposite direction laterally open.

What is the penalty?

On December 31, 2014 From 1 May 2012 the Weapons Act is sharper. Have prohibited knife in his pocket? Then you get a fine of € 350, -.

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