Rockstead, UN-DLC

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This knife is one of Rockstead's flagship sheath knives.
Artikelnummer : RS-UN-DLC

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This knife is one of Rockstead's flagship sheath knives. The shape of the blade is dual convex. The technologically advanced process and materials used in the production of this blade, prohibits others from creating anything similar and we have confidence in our blades surface. When pushed with force, this knife will cut through a phone book as if it were butter. Please confirm the improved sharpness of our evolved dual convex blade. The handle of our UN-DLC is removable, allowing for the new handle types that we produce to be interchanged. The blade is made from YXR7 steel with a DLC coating giving a beautiful finish. After chopping and cutting dry bamboo with this knife, it's still able to slice cleanly through paper with ease. This is the knife featured in the video on our web site, cutting through hard bamboo. This knife is three-quater tang, with the option of choosing the colour of the silk cord on the handle from among 4 colours. Kincya, Uguisu, Tetsukon and Azuki.
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